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Services that TibiEx can offer to you


TibiEx offers you several types of services listed below:

1. If you order abroad and you want the order to be delivered to you: At this time, when you place an order, you specify the address that we provide to you on the web page. It is important that you fill it in as we provide it to you. And as soon as the goods are in our abroad warehouse, you will receive a notification, and we will deliver your order to you as soon as possible.

2. If you want to buy a product from a store abroad, but for some reason you cannot do it: At this time you use our system, provide us with a link, pay the order in advance to us. We make the payment ourselves and deliver the package to your country of residence. At this time, additional payments will be made taking into account the risks of transfer and conversion, and transportation will be provided to you as a separate service.

3. In the near future, with different services at your service ...

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